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Subject2.2.1 lockup (SCSI related)

When I do a `cat /dev/st0' on my system (or access the tape in any other way),
the message

Wrong buffer length supplied for request sense (256)

is displayed on the console and the system locks up, VC switching
still works. It's perfectly reproducable.

EIP is around 0xc017a9e5, sometimes inside down_interruptible(); the system
loops forever in the while(1) loop of scsi_error.c.

0xc017a9cd <scsi_error_handler+305>: leal 0x0(%esi),%esi
0xc017a9d0 <scsi_error_handler+308>: pushl %ebx
0xc017a9d1 <scsi_error_handler+309>: call 0xc0179fd4 <scsi_unjam_host>
0xc017a9d6 <scsi_error_handler+314>: addl $0x4,%esp
0xc017a9d9 <scsi_error_handler+317>: andb $0xfe,0x1c(%ebx)
0xc017a9dd <scsi_error_handler+321>: pushl %ebx
0xc017a9de <scsi_error_handler+322>:
call 0xc0179f74 <scsi_restart_operations>
0xc017a9e3 <scsi_error_handler+327>: pushl %esi
0xc017a9e4 <scsi_error_handler+328>: popf
0xc017a9e5 <scsi_error_handler+329>: addl $0x4,%esp
0xc017a9e8 <scsi_error_handler+332>:
jmp 0xc017a964 <scsi_error_handler+200>

Tested on a Pentium120, AHA-1542, /dev/st0 is an EXB-8200. It works with 2.0.x.


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