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    SubjectRe: util-linux and 2.2

    Thomas Molina <> writes:

    > 2.1.x up through x=132 has been working well. Thamks guys. Today I get
    > the chance to go through the Changes file to update my RedHat 5.2 system
    > for all the 2.2 requirements; everything goes well except for
    > util-linux, which Changes lists v 2.9 as being required for 2.2.
    > Therein lies the problem.
    > Updating util-linux to 2.9 requires an updated libslang. Updating
    > libslang would break numerous other packages, including gecko, lynx,
    > slrn, etc. In particular I can't lose lynx and slrn. Updating those
    > packages requires further updates. Now I'm stuck in a twisty maze of
    > circular dependencis, all alike.

    The easiest way out of this problem is to build a new binary rpm from
    the util-linux 2.9 source rpm.

    Rpm dependancies reflect what was on the machine when the binary rpm
    was built much more than the actual mnimum revisions of other packages
    which are needed featurewise. Eg a package could build and work fin
    with either libc5 or glibc but if you build a binary rpm on a glibc
    system it won't install on a libc5 system.

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