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    SubjectRe: SLOW SLOW SLOW tar with 2.2.0
    On 28 Jan 1999, Ulrich Drepper wrote:
    > "Mike A. Harris" <> writes:
    > > I just downloaded the Linux gazette, all of the targz files at
    > > the lg ftp site, and proceeded to untar them. It is taking
    > > forever for EACH file to untar. When I say each file, I don't
    > > mean each tarball, but rather each file IN the tarball.
    > I bet you're using NIS or NIS+, or maybe LDAP. In all the cases the
    > problem is that tar is looking for information about an unknown
    > account (namely Linus').
    > Either put the correct account in /etc/passwd and /etc/group or use
    > glibc 2.1 (currentlz 2.0.111) with nscd.
    no ! the right thing to do is to remove 'nis', 'nisplus' and
    'nis+' from your /etc/nsswitch.conf if you don't have a nis-server around.
    this was discussed before !

    dag wieers, <>, _| _ _
    ° we know linux is the best, it can do infinite ° (_|(_|(_| °
    loops in five seconds. -- Linus Torvalds |

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