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    SubjectFYI (CC): announce: PPSkit-0.4.2 for Linux 2.2.0
    Here is what I wanted to post in the NEWS, but the servers disk is full
    again (still?)...

    Newsgroups: comp.protocols.time.ntp
    Subject: announce: PPSkit-0.4.2 for Linux 2.2.0
    Reply-to: Ulrich Windl <>

    Linux 2.2.0 is out, and it got late yesterday, but a corresponding
    PPSkit is there, too!

    I'll simply quote the LSM file and the portion of the NEWS file for
    your information:

    Title: PPSkit
    Version: 0.4.2
    Entered-date: 1998-01-26
    Description: NTP (RFC1305) and PPS support (RFC1589) patches for
    Linux 2.2.0+ (kernel patch, documentation, test programs)
    Keywords: NTP, PPS, kernel, RFC1305, RFC1589, xntp, time, clock,
    pulse-per-second, synchronization, calibration, adjtimex
    Author: (Ulrich Windl)
    Maintained-by: (Ulrich Windl)
    Primary-site: /pub/Linux/kernel/patches/misc
    38kB PPSkit-0.4.2.tar.gz
    Original-site: /pub/wiu09524/PPS
    Platform: RS232-compatible precision pulse-per-second with an error
    less than 100PPM (0.0001%, 0.1ms)
    Copying-policy: GPL, but payment welcome!

    What's new?
    Copyright (c) 1997, 1998, 1999 by Ulrich Windl

    + Fixed registering the line discipline in ``drivers/char/tty_io.c''
    (was wrong in ``/proc/tty/ldiscs''). Added a `+' to the serial
    driver's ``serinfo''.

    + Updated patch for Linux 2.2.0 (parts of the PPSkit went into the
    standard kernel).


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