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SubjectIPX problems with 2.2.0
Yesterday I installed the new 2.2.0 kernel on the single Linux system at
work, for a test-run. Within about 30 minutes, our entire network had
come to a screeching halt... our network support people later informed
me that the Linux box had apparently swamped the network by flooding it
with IPX packets. The box in question is a PII-200 with an Olicom
token-ring card, using version 1.30 of the oltr driver (unfortunately
it's a binary-only driver, but I wasn't given any choice in the
hardware configuration).

After searching through the recent list-archives, I found what appears
to be a similar report (subject: IPX overbroadcasting) from around 15
January, except that the network in question was ethernet in that
instance. One of our network people has agreed to setup a sniffer in
the morning, and we're going to try to recreate the problem. Based upon
what they told me yesterday, as well as the thread mentioned above, I
suspect that we'll find it to be a massive flood of IPX broadcast
packets... at any rate, I'll forward whatever information I get to the
list. I'll probably send it to Olicom as well, in case it turns out to
be a bug in their driver (though I doubt it, in this particular

If anyone is already aware of what the problem actually is, or what I
could do to narrow it down, I'd really appreciate hearing it. This shop
is very deeply mired in the mentality of "if it doesn't cost a lot, it's
obviously not any good"... and I'm really trying not to give them an
excuse to dismiss Linux out of hand.


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