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SubjectLock up

I don't know if this can be made of any use to anyone, but I had my
first lockup today in a long long time (maybe since early 2.0.x
kernels). I've been "spot testing" dev kernels for the last year and
running all of the dev kernels since 2.1.130, currently running an
unpatched 2.2.0-pre9, a fairly pristine Redhat 5.2 system (complete
reinstall over 4.1). CPU is a P100 w/ 64 Meg RAM, IDE and Adaptec 2940

The system just locked up in X. Would not respond to keyboard or mouse
or network ping or telnet. This was not an X lockup.

There is nothing interesting in any log files. I haven't a clue what
happened. I've spent the last two hours trying to remember everything I
was doing before (including running ddd/gdb successfully and exiting).
I can't duplicate it, but this system hasn't been known to just crash.

The lockup occured about 15 minutes after exiting ddd. I had just
disconnected from my isp and was in the process of reconnecting to my
office computer (with usernet) when the lockup occurred. IDE disk light
was on continously, but the drive was quiet.

Something's not right and if anyone has any ideas, I'm game to try 'em.


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