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SubjectPatch available: patch-2.2.0-pre9-mec1
Hi guys,

I have a new patch:


- new Documentation/kbuild/ directory
- fix ugly invocation of split-include (run it at start of vmlinux)
- shrink label for 'Old CD-ROM drivers' so xconfig fits 800x600 screen
- fix "Frame Buffer Support" button location in arch/m68k/
- Update maintainer address in scripts/Configure; you don't have to
send your bug reports to anymore! (Ironically,
this code is the cleanest, least troublesome code in the
configuration system).
- Improve the exit message for 'make config', 'make menuconfig',
'make xconfig'. The user has to run 'make dep' only if the
dependency files don't exist or if CONFIG_MODVERSIONS is set
(Jeff Ronne).
- Shut vfix the hell up ('WARNING - broken!').
- Fix menuconfig bug in lxdialog with very long titles.
- Remove the BUG_COMPATIBLE code from xconfig. Among other things,
this fixes the "what is CONFIG_PEANUT_BUTTER doing in MenuChocolate"
bug with nested submenus.

If you run this patch, let me know how it works for you. Old bugs,
new bugs, "it works for me".

Michael Elizabeth Chastain
"love without fear"

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