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SubjectRe: 2.2.0: performance & isdn.
>3) Isdn is _broken_.  It was broken back in 2.2.0-pre1, but I had hoped
>that it was fixed. For some reason, I can connect _once_. Further
>connections succeed, but no IP-traffic is routed. What is the proper
>way to upgrade the ISDN so that it works with 2.2.0? (I've downloaded
>isdn4k-utils-3.0beta1 - but it doesn't give me any kernel changes!)

isdn4k-utils-3.0beta1's ipppd (Or ANY ipppd) needs a short patch to
allow for the extra-version in 2.2.0-pre?. It chokes on the pre?, and
defaults to 2.0.x. Look into sys-linux.c in the ipppd source and comment
out the following code in the decode_version function:

if (*buf != '\0')
*version =
*modification =
*patch = 0;

This will allow you to dial in. This is NOT a problem with the kernel ISDN
code, but a buggy version decoding.
(I'm currently using an unpatched 2.2.0-pre9 with a modified isdn4k-utils
to dial in, so it definately does work)

Bas Vermeulen

When I shop for hardware I always look for the "Designed for Windows 95" logo.
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