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SubjectRe: crash in vesafb?
In lists.linux.kernel you write:

>I installed 2.2.0pre9 with vesa framebuffer support enabled. If I boot with the
>ypan/ywrap options, the machine crashes after some time. Actually, most of the
>time it doesn't actually crash, it switches my monitor off, and the only way I
>know to bring it back is reboot. A couple of times it actually froze solid. I
>have an ATI Mach64 card (Xpert98). I haven't tried the Mach64 fb too much,
>because it doesn't display properly (some pixels disappear etc). I have no
>trouble if I use the vesa:redraw option instead. This generally happens after
>some time, and often if I am scrolling screen-by-screen using less (say a man
>page). Couple of times it also happened while in vi. There were no error
>messages or OOPS, so can't help there.

For panning the VESA BIOS callbacks are used. Might be some bug in your BIOS.

>Jan 22 23:33:35 anjala kernel: fb0: VESA VGA frame buffer device
>Jan 22 23:33:35 anjala kernel: fb1: ATY Mach64 frame buffer device on PCI

>I have the Mach64 driver still compiled in, though I don't use it.

But it (seems to) initialize the hardware. Maybe this confuses the BIOS.
Try "video=atyfb:off" if you don't want to use atyfb.


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