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    SubjectRe: That whole Netscape problem...
    Ely Wilson said ...
    > Netscape 4.x has been 'spontaneously shutting down' since as far as I can recall, on
    > both Debian and RedHat, under 2.0 and 2.1 kernels. This is nothing kernel related,
    > maybe indirectly if at all. This is a problem that should be taken up with Netscape
    > (or whoever it is that manages the browser source code) since this has been a long
    > standing problem among a great many users of all kernel versions.
    > Maybe it uses a bad memory management scheme under Linux/Unix and it surfaces itself
    > under Linux/X Windows. This is a posibility, but I wouldn't stick my neck out so
    > far (on he lkml) and say it's kernel related, because tehre are MANY X apps that
    > don't spontaneously close themselves. If it were a less centralized problem...
    > well..

    I find it interesting that many people have this problem with Netscape.
    I've been running 4.51 for around 4 months (under 2.0.x) and never had it
    hang or die. With previous releases of Netscape there was some
    instability, but usually I just upgrade my libc and it settled down.
    When Netscape was developed (as with most products) a certain environment
    was used, ie: certain level of the kernel, libc, binutils, etc. Perhaps
    Netscape should published the exact environment the product was built and
    tested under as a way for people to figure out how their environment
    Making a blanket statement that 'product XYZ will work with a 2.0
    kernel' will almost always be false on someones system. And usually it's

    Peter A. Castro ( or (

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