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    SubjectRe: That whole Netscape problem...
    "A month of sundays ago wrote:"
    > I find it interesting that many people have this problem with Netscape.
    > I've been running 4.51 for around 4 months (under 2.0.x) and never had it
    > hang or die. With previous releases of Netscape there was some

    I'm also happy with 4.5 (4.50). Never trusted 4.0anything. But when I first
    got it I couldn't keep it up for more than a minute or two - opening mail
    window meant instant death. I soon found that it didn't like 4.0's
    idea of preferences and/or cache layout. Just get rid of the old and start
    again (I also run 3.0gold to clean out corrupted stuff). The result
    is stability - but yes, I have seen other peoples netscapes dying every 5

    kernel 2.0.25-36, libc 5.4.38-46, 1.9.5. Watch out for
    with higher numbers, which I have found to do bad things to some
    convoluted things like java workshop.

    > --
    > Peter A. Castro ( or (


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