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Subjectbroken console fails vttest

Besides the obviously dead stuff (wide, 132 col, underline, vt52)
there were several failures. Mostly we have scrolling trouble.
I ran the test on a plain VGA console. I think I remember reporting
the same scrolling trouble back in the 2.0 series, so this could
be another post-fb bug.

Get vttest at

Results of "vttest 25x80.80" on an 80x25 Linux 2.2.0-pre7 console:

---2. Test of screen features---
I believe there are scrolling problems, but the test is hard to understand.

---5. Test of keyboard---
ANSI Numeric mode is broken
The backspace key sends delete.
The delete key sends total garbage.

---6. Test of terminal reports---
we are VT102 compatible?
Request Terminal Parameters (DECREQTPARM) fails

---8. Test of VT102 features---
Screen accordion test fails

---9. Test of known bugs---
we have vt100 bug B (Scrolling region)

---11.1: VT220/VT320 Tests---
8-bit controls fail
local echo fails

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