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SubjectRe: 2.2.0pre2: unable to print

> I had printing working fine before upgrading to 2.2.0pre[1/2]. I'm
> using Redhat 5.2, and have an HP DeskJet 400. lpq shows: "waiting for
> lp to become ready (offline?)". I think I've enabled all the necessary
> kernel options for parallel port support. I have printer support
> compiled as a module (lp.o) and it is loaded. Does anyone know what
> would cause this, or is there some additional info I should provide?

Some of the older lpd implementations expect the printer to be
connected to lp1. Maybe it was hardwired in, to compensate for the
port (of the lpd code)... I'm not sure why it was ever done this


Robert Kiesling

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