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SubjectRe: scary ext2 filesystem question
Zlatko Calusic <> wrote:
> I found your oneliner very useful, but still have to say that the most
> tedious part is not modifying files, but writing down all reported
> inode numbers (from fsck pass). If you have lots of disk space, fsck
> can take some time, and you're spending that time watching the screen,
> writing inode numers in a hurry, so you can check later if any major
> corruption happened.

I agree that it would be very nice for fsck to have some kind of logging

Perhaps, if it's being run non-interactively, you could tee the output
to a file? Maybe have a scratch partition (where nothing of long-term
importance is kept) which is mounted read/write before doing fsck on
any of the rest of your partitions?

That said, getting a UPS to allow for clean shutdowns is probably a better
way to spend your time. [That said, a UPS won't prevent the kernel from
having problems.]


I don't read a lot that happens linux-kernel, please Cc: me if you want
me to read what you're saying. Thanks.

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