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SubjectRe: *** draft 4 - press release ***

On 19-Jan-99 Robert Klein wrote:
> The fact of cross platform support is indeed not confusing.
> What I wnated to say is, if I go to the average guy and tell him,
> he will just not understand. If I tell him, 'Linux runs on
> your PC and your friends Mac,' then he will understand. If I
> tell him 'Linux runs on PC, PowerMac, UltraSparc, Alpha, ARM,
> ...' then he will just stop to listen anymore (or read an
> article).

so you say it runs on IBM PCs, Apple Macs, Sun servers, SGI servers and
workstations, DEC servers and workstations, the cool new Corel network computer,...

then if they stop listening point out that Linux is part of the ABM unoffical
alliance (Anything But Microsoft) and that Microsoft don't like Linux and are
actively trying to stop it,...

then if they stop listening point out that Apple ship Linux, Sun have a
16processor machine which they are testing Linux on, NASA use a Linux cluster and
put a Linux box into space, that Fujitsu have a massively parallel Sparc machine
running Linux, that Titanic was rendered on a Linux (Sparc?) machine farm, that
Intel demonstated a Quad processor Xeon at it's launch,...

then if they stop listening walk away, because they are not worth talking to.

in any case, what would they be doing reading the press release if none of this
meant anything to them?

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