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    SubjectRe: Socket destroy delayed messages under pre8
    > > I have a shitload of those too under 2.2.0-pre8:
    > > Socket destroy delayed (r=14832 w=0)
    > What network card is everyone seeing these using ?

    I have seen the message with a DEC tuilp, an SMC etherpower II and an
    eepro100, all on the same hub but I have a wd8013 on the hub with
    none of the messages.

    The eepro100 is in an nfs server and I have seen the number get less from
    125->131->pre7->pre8 but the number on the tulip / etherpower nfs client
    has not changed over the same kernels.

    I wonder if it is something to do with 100 base cards and 10 base hub I am
    running. All the cards are set to auto detect media and as far as I know
    are running 1/2 duplex (ie I haven't played with em). I also get the
    occasional reset on the tulip cos it loses the link beat when playing

    Tim Fletcher .~.
    /V\ L I N U X // \\ >Don't fear the penguin< /( )\
    Cat, n.:
    Lapwarmer with built-in buzzer.

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