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SubjectRe: Booting 2.2.0-pre6 on a PowerStack-II (Net 4000/200)
Please ship that to me and I'll stick it in.

I like Garbriels bootloader and I think it may be worthwhile to make the
MBX/PReP bootloader break sometime soon. A relocatable bootloader for
prep would solve a lot of problems.

}I'll try upgrading to 2.2.0p7 tonight and see how that works.
}I haven't been able to get the PS/2 mouse working yet. Also, I'll try to stitch
}in the code I had in the 2.0.XX kernels to handle/fake residual data on the PreP
}boxes - so I can have my 64M RAM back :-)
}Please note: I'm either '' or '', not ''.

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