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SubjectRe: Adding checkpointing API to Linux kernel

Like I said, all of this started out when the CONDOR developers told me
that they would be able to give users like me totally transparent checkpointing
and process migration on NT, whereas on UNIX (Solaris, LINUX, etc.)
you have to compile and link your code specially.

Maybe the problem is just that batch queue developers like Werner,
or the CONDOR folk, have been so hot on having solutions portable
across all UNIXes that they have not been willing to make LINUX specific

I look forward to using stuff like this in future versions of GNU QUEUE
and CONDOR. Transparent checkpointing, process migration, and
ex-post-facto being able to take a running job, and migrating it somewhere

Alan Cox wrote:

> > I.e. you do not have to know, a priori, what functions you want to intercept
> > - as you would have to if placing something on the path.
> > You can intercept them all.
> Learn about libdl and ..
> > Moreover, you can intercept a call to foo(), have it call your_foo(),
> > and then allow it to continue on to call the default foo().
> Learn about libdl and - its all in there, its all been in there
> for a very long time
> Alan

Andy "Krazy" Glew,, UW Madison and Intel.
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