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SubjectRe: Booting 2.2.0-pre6 on a PowerStack-II (Net 4000/200)
The prep/mbx boot code is a mess right now and I'm hesitant to touch it
at the moment because we're at 2.2 and it works for most machines right
now. I know from the past that touching it breaks at least some machine

What I would like to do is keep arch/ppc/boot/ for MBX and prep since
they're so similar but setup a different relocation strategy. Right now
it's mostly a result of me trying out things and stopping when everything
I could get ahold of worked and patching it as bug reports came in.

The new one should be linked at a safe address (for PReP this could be
10-16M). After load we relocate ourselves there, use the 10-12M range for
free space and decompress the kernel. This requires 16M but I'm not sure
there are many machines out there with <16M.

This would take care of every prep I know of. They all load at a
different address (sometimes depending on how you boot) but that region
should be safe. Does anyone see problems with that?

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