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    SubjectRe: PPP Kernel Driver
    Paul Fulghum wrote:

    > I'm willing to give this a shot but I've been unable to get a response
    > from any of the listed maintainers. I don't want to get in the way
    > if someone else is already working on this or if the current maintainers
    > (if any) are vehemently opposed to this. Does anyone have any information
    > on this? Has this code become orphaned?

    I guess they're just real busy trying to get it all together... or doing
    real work for money somewhere... ;)

    But seriously, I've had some correspondance with Al Longyear about a
    little bug in ppp-2.3.5, and he does respond when he can. I'd guess with
    the number of people using ppp, they all probably get rather a lot of
    mail about it.

    FWIW, I currently use a patched version of ppp-2.3.5 on kernel 2.0.35
    mostly, and haven't had time to look in and work out what's been changed
    in the versions that come with the kernels. I haven't tried 2.0.36 yet,
    as I haven't got a spare machine lying around to test it on. If ppp
    stops working on it, I'm up the proverbial creek.
    Nick Phillips (

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