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SubjectRe: ISC's DHCP client
Yeah, it seems to compile just fine for a 2.0 kernel, but then won't run
at all (at least not on my system) under 2.1. I tweaked the configure
script to force it to detect 2.2.0-preX as a 2.1 kernel... of course,
then it just won't compile at all. <g>

One individual's offered to send me a patch to allow the pl6 version to
compile under 2.2-0-preX, and I've also been advised that the problems
I've encountered should be cleared up in the source fairly soon. So it
hopefully won't be of concern for much longer.

According to the kernel documentation, all of the relevant utilities are
appropriately recent.


On Fri, Jan 15, 1999 at 12:33:06AM -0800, Allen Goldstein wrote:
> Gregory
> I last compiled dhcp-20b1pl8 on 2.2-pre7. It only says it is for 2.0
> and 2.1 kernel but the make files look the same for both. 2.2-pre7
> configured as 2.0. It built right out of the box. Getting it to work
> was a little more tedious. Is your system up to date according to
> /usr/src/linux/Documentation/Changes? Would you like a copy of my
> .config?
> Cheers

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