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SubjectRe: *** next draft - press release ***

On Fri, Jan 15, 1999 at 11:47:40AM +0000, Riccardo Facchetti wrote:

> > Apple Computer, Inc. NT is a trademark of Northern Telecom Limited.

> Really fun, but seriously this one can not make into the press release ...
> IMHO we should _not_ lower our profile doing clownie things like other
> well known entities.

IMHO, the NT trademark was the only thing in the entire thread that is
worthy of being included in a 'press release'. Personally, i'd much prefer a
mail like Linus's mail proclaming some 2.1.5x or .6x a 'slick weasel'
kernel. [pause while i try to find it]

Damn, I can't find it. Thought i saved it somewhere in a 'Linus.Hilarious'
mailbox, but probably nuked it during some rigorous housekeeping. And none
of the linux-kernel archives i can reach seem to have a functional search
engine that can find it, snif. Anyone have it stored somewhere, by chance ?
It had the right attitude for the new kernel version, included comments from
davem, alan and beavis (iirc, it's been a while) and highlighted all of the
new features in a few simple words. 'fire fire' and 'cool, huh huh'.

Lets leave writing press releases up to the distribution maintainers. People
can be divided in simple subcatagories, and the people who like to see a
commercial-type press release promoting the new kernel are (probably, excuse
my generalization) not likely to download it until it's an rpm or .deb with
complete installation instructions. Let those organizations write their own
press releases, they (or at least a number of them :) make them regularly,
know their public, and more specifically, know what has changed for their
usergroup. They can more properly decide wether to mention improved
sparc64/axp 64-bit performance or not, wether to mention SMP or not, etc.

(But as a large part of them is on this list, i wont speak for them, they
can do it themselves :)


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