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SubjectRe: A simple way to lock up 2.2.0-pre7
   From: (Cezary Sliwa)
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 17:31:30 +0100 (MET)

Just press ^C to stop this loop:

while true; do (cat /dev/tty > /dev/null &); done

(I tried this at the console).

Umm.... I get "cat: /dev/tty: Input/output error" repeated many times.
No lock up.....

BTW: There is a security issue related to rebooting
without syncing disks: unflushed files will contain
garbage, and this garbage can be some data the owner
of the file should not see. Eventually, kernel
bugs etc. can be (potentially) used to gain access
to unused portions of the disk. (I know, one should
use chattr +s, but maybe this is not necessary?)

You shouldn't be rebooting without doing a clean shutdown.

Yes, it's possible that a kernel bug which crashes the system might
potentially cause someone to get access to a deleted file; but then
again, bugs which can cause an unprivileged user to force the system to
crash are security issues, and are treated as such.

- Ted

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