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SubjectRe: [OFFTOPIC] Re: *** next draft - press release ***

> IMHO it is not only important to have a competent GUI desktop for linux
> to make it more popular for home PC users. What I think is missing for the
> not-so-experienced PC user is an easy to configure installation tool for
> the kernel configuration. The make menuconfig is not sufficient
> as it still requires a lot of knowledge about hardware chips and card
> definitions, IRQs and such which isn't common knowledge to a new PC user.
> I don't know if that's an issue or of anybody else concern in this
> disussion, just would like to know if it's addressed anywhere in general.
> Some distributors try to address the idea but the solution is
> proprietary to the distributor.

Are you referring to some kind of autodetection during kernel
configuration ?

I ask this because all the config options alredy have useful help that
explain the meaning of every single option and give some hints about the
choice the user should make.

The only way to automate the configuration process is some kind of
autodetection ... I am thinking at some user-level program that is capable
of detect the hardware it is running on and generate a .config file.

main() {

Obviously every single device supported by the kernel should be probed.
Not a short thing to code :)
And I am not sure all the devices supported by linux can be probed in user

And I have never heard about something like this.


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