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    Subjectvfork specs
    Implementing the vfork syscall wrapper in the libc apparently provides
    some problems. To find a solution it's necessary to get a
    specification of vfork, or at least make one up for Linux.

    The problem is this: the vfork'ed process using the same VM as the
    initial process. Assume the following code for now:

    bar ()
    if ((pid = vfork ()) == 0)
    foo (0);
    else if (pid == -1)

    When calling the vfork wrapper we have the following stack layout:

    return address bar after vfork call

    Now the child returns from the vfork call and calls `foo' with the
    resulting layout:

    return address bar after foo call

    May `foo' then exit and so the parent process starts and it sees the
    return address 0 (zero) which was pushed as a parameter for `foo'.

    This certainly is a situation we have to deal with and make sure that
    the return address from the `vfork' syscall stays valid. But this is
    only have of the story. It gets complicated if the use of the vfork
    is not restricted. Assume this:

    bar ()
    pid_t p = baz ();
    if (p == 0)
    foo (0);
    baz ()
    return vfork ();

    Now the stack layout when reachine the syscall wrapper is

    return address bar after baz call
    return address baz after vfork call

    At the time the function foo is called the stack layout is

    return address bar after foo call

    I.e., we are again f*cked. This can of course be repeated for
    arbitrary depths of function calls.

    So the question is: does the vfork interface on other platforms
    restricts the use of vfork to situations like the first example and
    disallows the second one (or even deeper nestings)? I think this is
    what the Solaris man page says.

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