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    SubjectRE: Building .config into the kernel
    > Mitchell Blank Jr
    > Oliver Xymoron wrote:
    > > Trouble is, that doesn't patch cleanly. Redhat distributes patches
    > > along with pristine source in the SRPMs, allowing you to upgrade the
    > > source and still use the patches. If you have multiple
    > patches fighting
    > > over the EXTRAVERSION line, or Linus decides to remove it after the
    > > -pre series, you get rejects.
    > Have one of the patchs in the SRPM just update the EXTRAVERSION line.
    > As someone already pointed out, people who build their own
    > kernel (either
    > from .tar.bz2 or by playing RPM games) probably know what is in their
    > kernel and can report it themselves. The biggest need is
    > differentiating
    > between 2.2.0, 2.2.0-redhat, 2.2.0-suse, 2.2.0-debian, ...

    If you want to do that, have the distributers change UTS_SYSNAME, not
    appending the dist name to the version. This would make more sense, IMHO.


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