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    SubjectRe: Results: Zlatko's new vm patch
    Linus Torvalds wrote:

    > Note that there are very few people who are testing interactive feel. I'd
    > be happier with more people giving more subjective comments on how the
    > system feels under heavy memory load.

    I left my machine today (64mb/80mb swap, running pre6 on an MMX/233) running
    netscape, xemacs, a few rxvt's, and xscreensaver. Many times when I get home
    after classes, xscreensaver's GL apps will have swapped large portions of
    netscape and xemacs out. Today when I came home, I tried to check my mail, and
    write a bit of code, but everything was swapping left and right. It wasn't
    just that netscape and xemacs got swapped back in, and then that was
    that--instead it just continually ground my hard drive as it downloaded email
    and I switched around to apps, etc, for a good few minutes. Very unpleasant.



    "We watched her fall over and lay down,
    shouting the poetic truths of high school journal keepers."
    -- Lee Rinaldo, Sonic Youth

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