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SubjectRe: Article: IBM wants to "clean up the license" of Linux
Craig Sanders wrote:
> > The Slackware arrangement has the advantage of intelligibility (you
> > only have to look in one place), and IMHO a certain elegance. Debian
> > probably gives a better foundation for corporate change management in
> > the startup files department. It's the kind of way you do things when
> > time and cost don't matter but control matters.
> it's the kind of way you do things when *fine* control of a system
> matters, when smooth operation of your machines matters.
> it's the kind of system you use when you think that rebooting is for
> kernel upgrades or hardware failures, and *not* for making sure that all
> your daemons have started up properly.
> it's the kind of system you use when you have several assistant
> system admins you can't quite trust to grep through the boot
> scripts to figure out how to stop/start services cleanly but can
> remember rules like "start daemon foo by running '/etc/init.d/foo
> [stop|start|reload|restart]'"
> > But Debian probably just did it that way to look like System V, and
> hey! 3 cheers for the genius. he figured this out all by himself.
> debian (and redhat and, i believe, SUSE and others) use sysvinit (or
> variants thereof) in order to conform to existing and well-known
> conventions that greatly increase the productivity of systems
> administrators.

(I clipped lot's of good reasons why the rc[0-6].d and init.d are a good

First, Craig... ditto to most of what you said (I too did the SLS to
path and was sick of trying to restart daemons without having to copy
paste the commands from the rc script)

But, you did forget one other advantage. It is very clean and simple to
packages to a running system.

I personally use Redhat, I should probably look at Debian one of these
days when I have free time (*chuckle* -- free time, what's that? :) ).

Being able to add a server process to the machine is something I
couldn't doing again under slackware (haven't used it in years, but if
they still have the rc.M like stuff then my point still stands).

The ability to have packages be independent is one of the things I love
the most about redhat. install say smupsd. it doesn't break other
programs even though it taps into init, logrotate, etc...

Steve Roberts

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