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SubjectAccounting in 2.0.36 (Is a Bug?)
Hi all.

I know that 2.0-series linux kernel is about to be "dead", now with 2.2
-series. But something strange I have found in 2.0.36 (maybe 2.0.37 you can
fix this):

When I enable Proccess Assounting, in 1.3.78 (with Patch), 2.0.36 (option
in menuconfig) and 2.2.0-pre5-ac1 (option in menuconfig), using the same
accton and dumpacct (compiled on 2.0.36) binaries, the results I got is
strange... In 1.3, works fine; 2.2 also... but 2.0 is a mess! I can't
understand what kind of info it tries to print...

Is there some special instruction i need to do? But... this fact of work in
1.3 and 2.2, but not in 2.0 is getting me down...

Thanks in advance... And sorry if this is my fault.
Alexandre Hautequest
ICQ 8563517
"When I'm on the road, I'm indestructible. No one can stop me. But they

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