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SubjectRe: ISSUE: lp locks system when polling printer in 2.2.0pre5
On Sat, 9 Jan 1999, Eric Furbish wrote:

> I'm not exactly sure what "polling the printer" means, but I assume it
> means it's trying to test communication with the printer. The exact
> kernel message is "lp0: using parport0 (polling)." The code relevant to
> that printk is in lp.c. There are no print jobs in progress when I
> reboot, and nothing at all is using the printer driver -- lpd is shutdown
> alltogether, and nothing else is accessing it as far as I can tell.

So it's when the machine is booting up that you see the problem? Right, I
was confused for a while -- I thought you meant during the shutdown -r

The message just means that when the printer driver _is_ used, it will
poll the printer to see when it's ready, instead of using interrupts to
find out.

Do you have magic-sysrq enabled? Try Alt-SysRq-P to find out the program
counter, and see where that is in the kernel.

It's more likely that the next driver in line for initialisation is the
one you're having trouble with, but in case it's lp, what parport messages
do you see on boot-up?


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