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SubjectExt2 failure question

I've installed Linux on my girl-friend's machine. For some reason
LILO failed (not unusuall). What I did, is that I booted with a dos disk
and I did a fdisk /mbr so she could still use winblows '95. That went

After that, I had to make her a Linux boot disk. So I took a
kernel 2.0.36 (form redhat-5.2) compiled on my machine, and I used it as
a rescue disk, then I tryed to mount her linux partition, (with mount -t
ext2 /dev/hda3 /z) and mounting failed complaining about the mount type.

Then I checked with fdisk to make sure that it was indeed in ext2,
and it was. Mount seemed to complain about a corrupted superblock. First
of all, is there anyway to bring this partition back (after all, aren't
superblocks suposed to copy themselves all over the disk?).

Second of all, is there any software related possible causes that
could make ext2 crash when it coexists with win '95 on a drive. Because on
all the machines that I've installed linux on (about 12 or so), it never

What when wrong ????


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