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    SubjectV2.2.0p2 may cause W98 FAT32 boot track corruption
    At 02:08 PM 12/31/98 -0500, you wrote:
    >ok, i've been running 2.2.0pre2 for about an hour now...
    >have noticed only one problem:
    >fat32 DOS partitions report no free space -- hence,
    >can't be written to (seems to read fine). i wish i even
    >knew where to start looking to fix this . . . but i'm still
    >a dummy :-(

    Ouch. Just got the same here. After running 2.2.0p2 for a while
    booting into W98 reports C: full and registry errors. Scandisk
    reported boot track corrupted...which might cause misreported space
    and fixed it.

    I have no idea what details may help...

    C: Maxtor 8.4GB disk with IRQ's on
    D: Maxtor 3.8GB disk with IRQ's on
    no lilo, starts linux from loadlin
    P2-266, 64MB
    DE4x5 runs eth0, switched away from tulip
    as many modules as possible


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