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SubjectRe: Drunken mumblings [OFFTROPIC]
"Richard B. Johnson" <> writes:

> Therefore, communications with a device such as a disk, by two separate
> computers, is not a problem. You can, in fact, use a common hard disk
> even to boot two different machines. The problems come if one or more of
> the machines tries to write to the disk.

Right. The problem here isn't SCSI -- it's the disks you'll hook up to
it. To do this sort of thing well, you'd want a far more intelligent
disk that knew about its own filesystem and expected to see requests
from more than one machine. With normal disks, you're taking a fairly
dumb piece of hardware and expecting it to act as a full network
host. It's a bit like trying to network your keyboard.

The Right Thing here is disks with enough intelligence to act as
reasonable independent entities on the network. With luck, you'll be
seeing more of this soon. Of course, I might be a bit biased here -- I
hack intelligent storage for a living, so I sort of have to think it's
a good idea.


nat lanza --------------------- research programmer, parallel data lab, cmu scs --------------------------------
there are no whole truths; all truths are half-truths -- alfred north whitehead

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