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SubjectRe: [ne/module bug] Re: Linux 2.0.36pre7
  Paul Wouters <> writes:
> This fails on the second card:

"This fails" is NOT an error message. Please report bugs so that others can
actually see what happened.

That being said, the actual error message is likely to be "a module named
'ne' already exists", which indicates that it does not make a whole lot of
sense to insert the whole driver a second time (duplicate code).
Thus, instead of

> modprobe ne irq=10 io=0x320
> modprobe ne irq=5 io=0x300
you should have been saying

> modprobe ne irq=10,5 io=0x320,0x300

which works fine (or at least it ought to work, looking at the source code).

Matthias Urlichs | noris network GmbH |
The quote was selected randomly. Really. |
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