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SubjectRe: Cobalt Micro (was Re: Build your own Motherboards)
> [ multi-layer PCBs ]
> Of course there are ways to go around, (like using laser printers and
> special paper to create metal plating) but still anything way beyound 2
> sided mainboard is currently unachievable at home. I would be very
> greatful to anybody who pointed out to me a sensible way to do this..

There's some interesting material at, including
a hacker-friendly plated-through hole process and descriptions of
multilayer layups and fabrication. (I've never tried >2 layers;
I'm sure there's a bit of a learning curve.) Also Maxfield's book
_Bebop to the Boolean Boogie_ has a pretty good discussion of
some semi-exotic PCB and packaging technologies, some of which
seem promising for the garage, though it's more a descriptive than
a how-to treatment.

Perhaps sci.electronics.* would be the best place for discussion.

Peter Monta
Imedia Corp.

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