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SubjectRe: problems with read & alarm
> In the last version of linux (2.0.32 and above) the behavior 
> of the read system call and the signals had change and I have
> a lot of problems to manage it.

I don't believe it has

> working with old versions of the kernel and with many unixes
> that work fine. I launched one alarm signal for 30 seconds. I have

The behaviour of your code given there is undefined.

> I wonder if there is some special mode to set the file descriptor
> in order to have the old style of read. I want to have blocking read


> system calls and have signal way to wake up it if something wrong
> is happening in the serial protocol.

Keep guessing 8)

> I'm very concerned with that cose the unique OS that "fail" is the
> last versions of Linux and the rest of unixes (even old ones) work
> very fine ....

man sigaction.

I imagine you switched to glibc. glibc follows the BSD signal behaviour
by default. Code that requires a specific behaviour must use sigaction()
not signal to specify the behaviour it desires.


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