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SubjectRe: Build your own Motherboards (was Re: AMD K6 233 Cpu 465 BogoMips??)

> On Sat, 5 Sep 1998, Vladimir Dergachev wrote:
> > That's not such a bad idea. The problem is that designing something isn't
> > equivalent to building it. unless they make MMETs commonplace it costs a
> > billion $ to have your own plant.
> I would have thought that there are plenty of companies who would be
> willing to manufacture a motherboard to your specifications using common
> off the shelf components. I think this would be a nice small niche in the
> market.
I was speaking about chips here.

> > Even a more moderate idea (like designing an SMP mainboard for Power PC)
> > can be pretty complex. The thing is it will cost a lot to produce a 6-7
> > levels board. It's not ham radio unfortunately :(
> Yes, but once you've done the design work, it's quite cheap to manufacture
> them. It's the design & development that is the real killer here.
No. There are plenty of companies that will do boards for you relatively
cheaply $200 per one, but these are standard two-sided stuff. CPU
mainboard has 5-7 leaves of metal so that all those buses didn't
intersect. If you are not doing mass-production it will be quite expensive
to manufacture one.
The fact is it's even expensive to make your own PCI card..
So unlike software which can be easily customized the hardware tends to be

Vladimir Dergachev

> Cheers,
> Alex
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