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SubjectRe: Module Ideas: Persistence, PnP, and more...
> Hello,
> Following are some ideas I've been playing with for enhancing module
> support a bit more. These ideas are 2.3 stuff, but I'd like some comments
> on them before I'm too deeply coding... Especially from Richard (as I'm
> radically changing modutils) and from Alan (as my ideas concern PnP, which
> he's mentioned as a 2.3 goal).
> ...
> 2. Plug-and-Play support
> To properly support PnP, we need a method for userspace `bus managers' to
> identify drivers by their IDs on the bus, and to configure them.

This is what I envision happening in the configuration manager I wrote:

1) The idea is for the kernel to tell insmod (or some similar tool) that it
wants a particular device or class of device.

2) insmod would then scan module files for "tag tables" which describe the
range of devices that a driver can handle (by device ID or by device
class), and should it find a suitable module, it would then load it.

3) Whilst loading, the module would register it's drivers with the cmgr.

4) The cmgr would then look through the tags tables pointed to by the drivers,
and attach devices appropriately.

5) Whilst attaching a device to a driver, the cmgr will negotiate a
configuration between the device config interface (PnP, PCI, etc), the
driver, and any conflicting devices on the system.

5) Whilst being attached to a device, the driver attach operation will be

David Howells

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