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    SubjectKernel Upgrades - Redhat - spec files - rpm .. and stuff

    Are there any existing rpm spec files for the newer kernels?
    or srpms?

    I recently gave up on my slowly dying way-old slackware distribution.. I
    was just getting too slow and hard to maintain.... So I installed redhat
    5.1.. I am very impressed with the rpm capability.. But I would like to be
    using a kernel...

    I suppose I could just install the kernel the standard way I did w/
    slackware, but now that I am all rpm-ey I am affraid of mangling any
    existing rpm installs, and I really like the idea of being able to
    uninstall/reinstall varying kernels..

    I was about to make a spec file to build rpms.. with "make menuconfig" part
    of the %prep.. But first I wanted to check if anything already exists
    first.. Plus I havent been able to find out how to make dependancies in rms
    yet... this sounds to me like a good way to implement all the minimium
    requirements in Doc/Changes and it is partially why I am working on this.

    It seems to me that this might be a usefull thing to distribute with the
    kernels... ( a spec file ) So that people would be able to make their own
    rpms from the source and install/uninstall kernels w/ different
    options easily after they have been made.

    For all I know, this has been done already, and is sitting on some FTP site
    somwhere, and all of you are already using it. :)

    Comments? Criticisms? Flames?

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