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SubjectRe: AMD K6 233 Cpu 465 BogoMips??
On Fri, 4 Sep 1998 Michael_Barillier@CYBORG.COM wrote:

> Just gloating for a sec here, but my new AMD K6 300 is cranking out a mere
> 599 BogoMips. :) Quite an improvement over the old '486 33MHz that crawled
> at 16+ ...

Yes, but they still haven't done a SMP system. IMHO they should get off
their butts and design their own SMP system (which Linux could support by
adding AMD specific code) that should be superior to that of Intel's
(which still doesn't scale to more than 4 Intel processors unfortunately)
SMP solution. I'd definitely buy into that. Correct me if I'm wrong


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