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SubjectRe: Building Big Ass Linux Machine, what are the limits?
> >  The NetApp boxes use NVRAM to record a log of NFS
> > activity since the last write to disk, and it does a consistency
> > "snapshot" at least once every 10 seconds. Basically it comes down to
> > this: The filesystem on disk is always consistent (ie: no fsck needed
> > after reboot), and the nvram stores what changed since the last write
> > (battery backed up so a power failure doesn't kill it) ...

> Sounds exactly like the ext2fs journaling I'm working on, doesn't it? :)

> The journaling will, by default, use a reserved journal inode on your
> existing filesystem, but it will have an option to journal to a separate
> device if you want. And if you happen to have a solid-state SCSI disk,
> just store the journal there (or on a local nvram board, if you have
> such a thing).

Another feature that we can perhaps learn from this excellent company
is the "snapshot" function.

In every directory is a .snapshot directory.

In every .snapshot directorare directories like:


etc etc.. cd into those and you ended up with the files that were
present at those times.

Obviously this is completely impractical for some applications (EG: news,
mailservers etc) - But, in principle, would it be feasable to add this
functionality into the journalling filesystem ?



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