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SubjectRe: Linux tcp/ip code has trouble with async network I/O notification,u

On Thu, 3 Sep 1998, Wim Ten Have wrote:

> Hi,
> Perhaps I should directly mail you. I feel truely sorry if this
> message is directed to the wrong group of people. In case it is
> please ignore and delete.
> I think that there is a major ;-) problem around in the Linux TCP/IP
> code when using Async (SIGIO) controlled network code setups.

Async IO is an outdated paradigm anyway. Try using threads. If you need your
program to respond to some event while doing something else, you can spin off a
thread to wait on the event. In Linux, a thread can perform select() polling on
a bunch of descriptors and then dispatch appropriate service routines, so you
don't necessarily have to go with a naive ``one thread to one socket''

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