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SubjectRe: Differences between FreeBSD and Linux system call mechanism
> The odd thing is that iBCS still contains remnants of an attempt at xBSD 
> emulation, predicated on xBSD using the same call gate as iBCS (lcall 7,0).
> Did xBSD switch to something else at some point, or was Terry talking
> completely out of his hat about Linux vs. xBSD and call gates?

trap-gate, Trap-gate, TRAP-gate!


BSD does what Linux does, and has for a while.

To the other guy:

Mapping system call pages into a user space program for a speedup
is the same speed as using a task-gate. In both cases you either
select a TSS decriptor from the GDT or a task-gate descriptor from
either the GDT or LDT.

Terry Lambert
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