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SubjectRe: Differences between FreeBSD and Linux system call mechanism
> > I'm starting to wonder. Terry normally knows what he is talking about,
> I was under the impression he just used big words and prayed 8)

Nice Ad Hominim. I mistype "call-gate" for "trap-gate", and now
I'm a religious zealot. See my other posting.

> > 3) I'm not sure about Terrys definition of "efficient", but if he means
> > required CPU cycles I thought that there were not that many left in
> > Linux that FreeBSD could be better. Has anybody hard numbers for both
> > kernels?
> lmbench is your friend. Im sure Larry McVoy can provide

LMBench is a set of microbenchmarks that aren't very predictive of
real-world load characteristics. The best predictor of real-world
load characteristics is previous measurements in the real-world
under identical load (ie: if it too 500 cycles yesterday, it will
take 500 cycles today).

Terry Lambert
Any opinions in this posting are my own and not those of my present
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