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SubjectRe: 2.1.123 and fbcon.c
On Mon, 28 Sep 1998, Tim Smith wrote:

> On Mon, 28 Sep 1998, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> > reasonable patches. I put my foot down on the hundred-megabyte patches I
> > was continually getting from the console people, and I want to have the
> > problem fixed as much as the next person.
> Wow! How does one manage to generate a hundred megabyte patch? I don't have
> the latest kernels, but "find . -type f | xargs cat | wc" tells me I've only
> only got 40 megabytes of kernel source, so even if they completely rewrote
> every file, they should only be sending you 80 megabytes or so! :-) What
> in heavens name are they doing?

Ok, that was pretty funny actually.. But, let us remember that
Linus does not just blindly gunzip -c patch.gz | patch -p1
EndOfStory like us mere mortals... He actually has to grok the
thing before hand.

Anyway, I know we all like to joke, but probably don't hear
or understand Linus's side of the story all the time... Geert
and the console bunch ALSO have legit xarguments tew... Just
Linus doesn't like volitility and the extra vger differences.

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