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Subject[Way Off Topic] Less flames, please !
People, people, please calm down.

What are we here for?

Are we here to insult other people, or are we here to see that Linux becomes the
best there is?

Is it really necessary to resort to personal insults to get our points across?

Is there any special award for degrading others' opinions in the Linux-Kernel

There will always be difference of opinions in discussion lists such as this,
we can calmly state our opinions and leave it at that, and all of us better
understand that there is no _one_ best way for everything.

When our opinions are heard, we may feel like floating on clouds, but when our
opinions are being ignored, do we have to jump up and down and try to force
others to listen to us?

Sorry, fellow list members, I know this message is way off topic, but I have
seen too much unnecessary flames around here that has nothing to do with the
betterment of the Linux OS.

Witnessing the extremely high levels of expertise here, I can safely conclude
that most of us are adults, and I wonder if it is possible for us adults to act
as adults, rather than spoilt little brats?

Why do we have to fight? What do we get by fighting each others?

Do we think that if we yell the loudest our opinions will be heard?

Do we think that by denigrating opinions from others we can make our argument
sounds more logical?

We are all in the Linux-Kernel list, right?

We are discussing things about Linux, right?

Are we forgetting that there is a *GOD* in the Linux universe?

Are we forgetting that *GOD* Linus is the final arbitrator around here?

Are we fooling ourselves by thinking that as long as we can shout others down
*GOD* Linus will listen to us?

Do you think *GOD* Linus is _that_ stupid?

People, there are plenty more things to do for Linux. Linux needs to gain the
enterprise status, but before that, Linux has to have the strength and the
robustness to prove that. We are still very far from reaching that goal, and
methinks it is time we all concentrate our efforts in making sure Linux be the
best it can be, and cut down on all the unproductive arguments.

I apologize to all again for this message, I know it is not my place to tell
anyone how to behave and I merely wish that we can all try our best to cut down
on the flame craps, that's all.

Thank you all for reading.


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