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SubjectRe: new swap cache regime
On Sun, 27 Sep 1998, Linus Torvalds wrote:

>If the only problem is that we cannot do a "swapoff()" on the device, we
>should just make swapoff() know about the swap-cache, and walk the page
>list. That's fairly easy to do, and implies zero overhead for the exit()

swapoff() just know about the swap cache.

The good point of this my new patch is that the swap cache pages that I am
freeing at exit(2) time can' t be useful anymore. Usually the _cache_
contains data and not _garbage_.

Having garbage in the cache will cause that shrink_mmap() will eventually
free an useful cache page instead of doing the right thing -> freeing a
cache page that contains garbage.

If you don' t like to change swap_free() (for exit(2) performance)
another solution would be to add the shrink_swap_cache() in
try_to_free_page (implemented a bit different than it was at first) that
will be able to remove _only_the_garbage_ in the swap cache. This way
garbage swap cache pages will have a major probabilty to be freed I think.

This is my thought but I can be totally wrong because I don' t know
many things in the kernel...

Andrea[s] Arcangeli

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