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SubjectRe: Building Big Ass Linux Machine, what are the limits?
On Sun, 27 Sep 1998, Pavel Machek wrote:

> > > 16 drives total. Isn't there a limit on number of scsi disks?
> >
> > The usual limit is 16, but Martin Mares (or someone else, if
> > I got him confused with the real maintainer of Sunsite Czech)
> > has a patch out that will allow you to run with up to 48 disks.
> Well - to clean up confusion: there is a "bit" more than one czech
> developer on linux.

I know, usually I even remember who's working on what project
(in quite a lot of detail)...

> Jakub Jelinek ( sunsite czech maintainer,
> ultra linux port, working with sparc-s

Ah, that was the guy the original poster wants to contact...

(Yup, the thread actually started out on-topic with a guy
asking about a large Linux box and the limit on the number
of SCSI drives)

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