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SubjectRe: Linux, UDI and SCO.
Am Mon, 21 Sep 1998 schrieb Stefan Monnier:

>> If by more you mean `UDI drivers that can be used on Linux instead
>> of no driver at all because the vendor refuses to release hardware
>> specs', yes, I can agree with that. This doesn't stop the vendors
>> who are releasing specs from continuing to release specs.
> Many vendors only release specs because of the pressure of thousands of users
> complaining `it doesn't work with Linux'. Now if you replace this `it
> doesn't work' with `it's slow', do you really believe that the pressure will
> still be sufficient ?

Most vendors are only releasing specs because that is an ultra-cheap way of
getting drivers developed which they can use themselves (and maybe even port to
commercial Unices), AND win a few more users.

I don't think the Linux 'pressure' is already big enough to make vendors
release specs who're not already at least thinking of it themselves.

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