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SubjectRe: Interesting scheduling times - NOT
Larry McVoy wrote:
> Just to put to rest the idea that maybe the median is covering things
> up, here's the full set of data, note the small standard deviation:
> 2 7.58 (7.74 7.65 7.63 7.60 7.60 7.58 7.58 7.58 7.55 7.54 7.53)
> Here's the same thing with each run taking 500 milliseconds (so a total of
> about 6 seconds of run time):
> 2 7.73 (8.38 8.14 8.13 8.00 7.94 7.73 7.62 7.60 7.46 7.33 7.04)

Just to scroll things back a few days here guys: (I just noticed this
message in my backlog)

Anybody else notice that Larry's results are monotonic on both sets of
data ? The chances against monotonicity for each run are 2^9 to 1

This says VERY loudly that these are not random differences - something
else is happening. That something else appears to dwarf the random
effects that are probably present, because monotonicity isn't violated
even a single time.

Then compare first and last entries for the second run and you get a
non-trivial difference...

The fact that the times are varying even until the end of each run says
that something hasn't equilibrated (probably a cache thing) and that
drawing conclusions from the results is subject to some dangers.

And yeah, the median certainly covered *that* thing up, no?



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